Company Overview
Creating infrastructure for more than 68 years
Chastain improves public infrastructure, designs and provides construction inspection of transportation highways, roadways and bridges, and engineers civil site developments that brings communities together where they live, work and play.

Our History
Chastain & Associates was founded in the spring of 1954 by brothers, Homer and Edward Chastain. After being awarded a 909,000 square foot expansion project for Caterpillar's existing facility in Decatur, the brothers mortgaged everything they owned to meet the increased payroll and staffing demands of the project. Over the years, we have completed numerous projects for Caterpillar, and are proud to have them as a friend today. Chastain is headquartered in Decatur, Illinois.

In September 1954, the brothers were also involved in the early development of the Illinois State Toll Highway, formerly known as the Northern Illinois Toll Highway. Chastain was among several firms supporting Joseph K. Knoerle & Associates, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois in the preparation of the final feasibility report and construction cost to develop 481 lane miles of the proposed highway. To-date, Chastain has completed over 75 projects for the Illinois Tollway and maintains a strong relationship with the agency through open communication. Read more...

Our Culture

At Chastain, we believe teamwork matters.  Not only is this apparent in the services we offer our clients, but how we treat one another.  Our clients and staff flourish with our outward mindset!  This means we genuinely see (and hear and listen to) others.  We evaluate their needs, objectives and challenges rather than focusing on our own.  This outward mindset gives us options that we could never have before, and we can focus on the collective result our clients and staff desire.

Our team is made up of over 80 individuals working across 7 office locations. We rely on each others experience and expertise and share invaluable knowledge across all locations to ensure we work effectively and cohesively. Having an outward mindset, and respecting each other's innovative individuality is at the heart of our core values.

Professional Growth
Chastain maintains and develops the highest level of expertise and professionalism through the promotion and encouragement of continuing education, seminars, and educational programs.  As such, Chastain maintains a 24/7 online university where staff has access to accredited courses to help maintain and develop their skill set.


Opportunities With A Purpose.
We challenge our employees to grow, learn, and to make a lasting impact on the world. Our new grads and interns can benefit from the mentorship and guidance of experienced professionals, while established professionals can gain valuable skills and experience from working on projects that involve cross-office collaboration. Lifelong learning is also necessary for keeping up with current trends and technologies, as well as for staying ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving global market!

What Your Career Path Would Look Like.
  1. Recognition & Appreciation. Not only do we celebrate our employees tenure milestones, but we also recognize their efforts and contribution towards our company goals and values.
  2. Work-Life Balance & Personal Well-Being. Employees are awarded PTO based on industry experience, not company tenure. We believe offering generous PTO, mental health benefits and a flexible work environment is the key to longevity and profitability for everyone.
  3. Growth & Development. Through our learning and development initiatives, we strive to maintain strong employee engagement and retention practices by developing our current workforce. We offer continued education through tuition reimbursement, professional development courses and employee promotions at all levels.
Company Summary
Chastain & Associates
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5 North Country Club Road
Decatur, IL